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With Dealio Webcam Poker, we boldly aim to evolve the game of poker itself into a unique webcam poker experience. The patent-pending Dealio platform is the first internet poker site where each table features integrated player webcam streams along with a live poker dealer (the “Dealio”) to control and moderate the poker game as it is played. The resulting webcam poker experience is nothing short of a revolution in the world of online poker. 


Never before have internet poker players been able to enjoy real-time social interactions, gather physical or audio poker tells from opponents, engage in appropriate table talk during a hand, or make a binding verbal declaration of a bet or action. In Dealio webcam poker, not only will these features be available in the game – they’ll have elevated importance as the Dealios enforce the House Rules, control the flow of the poker game, facilitate appropriate and engaging social interactions, and make sure the poker game is fun and fair for all. 


Traditional internet poker has fallen far short of delivering a live poker experience over the internet; and Dealio aims to be much more than just an improved internet poker platform. Dealio Webcam Poker will completely reimagine the online poker experience to bring real live poker online.