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Anna Wroblewski Joins Dealio's Ambassador Team

Anna Wroblewski

We’re thrilled to announce a new addition to the Dealio Webcam Poker Ambassador team: Anna Wroblewski. Anna has over $1 million in lifetime earnings in poker, and as Barry Greenstein says, “has played about every online poker platform there is.” If you’ve seen our gameplay videos, you’ve already seen Anna playing on Dealio’s platform, and she was quick to say, “Dealio puts the fun back into poker,” adding, “it combines the reality of live poker with the convenience of online poker.”


It’s always a pleasure to have Anna at the table, and if you want to learn more there’s actually a wonderful short film about Anna’s early life in Vietnam called Mother’s Milk (trailer). We’ll have an interview with her in an upcoming podcast episode and you can ask her questions live on our Tuesday night livestreams. 

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