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Dealio Webcam Poker In the News

Dealio Webcam Poker in the news after unveiling

Last week, Dealio Webcam Poker quietly came out of stealth mode with a sneak peek at some of our key features — live dealers and live webcams being two of the most important. After all, “webcam” is in our name. We believe the combination of dealers and players will provide a safe, fun experience for people from all walks of life to come to the table and play. 


This week we were lucky enough to get some mentions in the press. Polish poker news site added some information about Dealio ambassadors Barry Greenstein and Clonie Gowen, and dug up a tweet by Justin Hammer when he moved to Dallas to head up our operations side. Look for more information on our Dallas operations in the coming weeks. Of note: Italian site had a write up of our plans.


Meanwhile, US-based CardsChat, one of the most respected card news sites in the world, had a great writeup by reporter Haley Hintze. She caught on to the fact that we believe enforcing always-on cameras is a great way to avoid solvers and bots. Plus, it adds to the feeling of a real card room experience — something that has been wildly popular in Texas, where Dealio is based and will offer a true poker experience later this year. Be sure to check out the writeup in TightPoker for even more details. 


Hintze also notes that many webcam poker efforts have failed in the past, but the technology wasn’t as pervasive in 2006 or 2010, as previous efforts were launched. The pandemic accelerated many trends, one of which was “connectivity and convergence,” as reported in this Business Wire article. We believe that consumers are more willing and able to participate in a webcam gaming experience than ever before, and that emerging technologies that enhance bandwidth and video offerings will exponentially increase our options in short time.


We have many more announcements to come, as we’ve only begun to detail our features and plans for our platform, and the world of poker! We have much more of the platform to show off, including our digital collectibles, and a series of videos with our ambassadors that you won’t want to miss. A podcast, too? Absolutely, with none other than Nathan Gamble. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get inside access, and be first in line to experience Dealio Webcam Poker for yourself.


You can read the full press release here on Accesswire. For media inquiries, including interviews with our ambassadors or CEO, contact